All the information that I receive from my clients I use in accordance with GDPR.


Translation, editing and proofreading form my core commercial activity. 


To perform this I receive from my clients the following two types of data:


1. Names, emails and postal addresses.


2. Sometimes I receive personal information in the documents that are supplied for translation.


I only use the data provided by my clients to perform my core commercial activity (i.e. translation) as well as for administrative (accounting) and taxation purposes.


I do not use any of the clients' data for any other purposes.


The two types of data that I receive are stored in two different ways:


1. Names, email addresses and postal addresses are stored securely in a designated folder for 7 years in accordance with legal requirements for tax purposes and accountancy.


2. Files containing personal information and their translations are kept in the password-protected email account for 60 days from the moment the transaction is complete and the client is invoiced. This is done in order to be able to refer to those documents in case the client has questions, concerns or complaints or any other issues regarding the translation.


No other clients' data is received, stored or processed.


My site does not use cookies.


I do not use any data obtained from my clients for marketing purposes or for any other purposed rather than those stated above.


I do not re-send files containing personal information for proofreading and editing. All the documents that contain personal information are translated, proofread and edited by myself and stored securely protected by a password.


In accordance with GDPR, when you send me your personal information — you give me consent if you are happy with the quoted price to use this information for the purpose of translating/ proofreading or editing in accordance with your instructions. These are the limits of the use of your personal data.


If you send me your data for the quote and you decide not to proceed — none of the information you send me will be retained from the moment you inform me of your decision.



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