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Legal translation is a highly specialised field that requires not only a deep understanding of the legal texts and terminology but also an expertise and knowledge of methods that are expected to be applied during the translation process.


Legal documents in translation must carry not only the same meaning but an identical legal status to that of the original. Legal language is very country specific. Even within the UK legal terms vary between England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. USA, Australia and Canada operate within their own legal frameworks and their legal terminology is entirely different.


Translating legal documents can only be performed with a profound knowledge and understanding of the legislative systems of both source and target language countries. It also requires an extensive use of specialised legal dictionaries and very specific highly credible sources.


I offer translation of legal documents that are to be used in the UK (including Scotland) and Russia. My extensive knowledge of both legislative systems and awareness of the specifics of legal terminology allows me to guarantee the transfer of all the linguistic nuances to ensure the text remains legally binding in translation with the same meaning, clause by clause, in translation as it is in the original.


I work in close communication with clients and take into account the specific nature of every document case by case.


My legal translation services include but are not limited to translation of:


bills of sale, contracts, memoranda of understanding, assignments of partnership interest, letters of intent, leases, missives, loan agreements, legal correspondence, etc.


My rates are competitive and quality is consistently high.


Please, do not hesitate to contact me for your free quote or if you have any questions.

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