Contributing to Global Community...

Charity and Pro bono publico work:


We regularly work with charities and contribute to projects of global importance.







Rosetta Foundation has very kindly provided us with a reference listing all the work that we have done for their clients. Please follow this link to see the list of organisations that we have helped through Rosetta Foundation!


We have translated into Russian several important medical research papers that needed to be available in the five official working languages of the United Nations. To access the abstracts in all five languages please, follow the links herehere and here.


While student at London Metropolitan University the owner and the principal translator of the company translated subtitles for an awareness video for a new HIV prevention campaign. Please follow this link to learn more about it.


In November-December 2017 the owner and the principal translator of the company attended by invitation the Global Voices Summit 2017. As a passionate believer in equality, diversity and justice she wrote a short piece to reflect upon the spirit of this wonderful organisation. Please follow the link to access the article. The schedule of public events that she attended can be seen here and show some of the important issues were raised during the Summit.


Liudmila Tomanek is very proud to be able to translate articles for Global Voices and thus to make valuable thoughts, reflections and news available for the Russian-speaking community. Her contributor's page can be accessed here. You will be able to read all the articles dating back to December 2016 when she joined Global Voices as a volunteer contributor.


She also provided Russian subtitles for the highly specialised medical video that can be found following this link.





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