Merry Festive Season from Russian Translation World Ltd!

Merry Multilingual Christmas from Russian Translation World — Have a Very Happy Festive Season!

While Europe is preparing to celebrate Christmas, I cannot help but to share my festive feelings with all my colleagues, clients and simply everyone who happens to read this post — and my warmest wishes are reaching far beyond the world of Christianity.

25 December is a special day for many peoples, faiths and denominations:
for Pagans  it marks the Winter Solstice. Around this date Irish and Scottish Celts celebrate one of their Fire Festivals — Yule. On that day Ancient Persians celebrated the birth of their sun-god, Mithra, whereas Romans would say “Io Saturnalia” instead of “Merry Christmas”.

So, wherever you are and whatever you believe in — may this festive season bring you joy, happiness, health and prosperity!

Happy Festive Time!

From Liudmila Tomanek @Russian Translation World Ltd

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