This article is to express my gratitude to CIOL Translation Division and  Sue Leschen for organising and delivering an amazing presentation on the topic of Progressing your career as a legal translator.

The event took place at Hotel Novotel London City South right in the heart of the City of London with the Shard piercing the sky at the distance.

Just across Tower Bridge on the opposite bank of the River Thames the Tower of London was creating an intimidating contrast, serving as a reminder of the times before the rule of democratic law — emphasizing the importance of the issues covered at the seminar.

Sue Leschen was brilliant. She really went far and deep beyond the standard bullet points that were promised by the CIOL programme for the day.

I would not want to infringe any copyright issues (particularly as the speaker is a practicing lawyer), besides, if you want to learn about legal translation — come to one of Sue’s future events and ensure not to miss future CPDs organised by CIOL Translation Division, one of which I believe is currently scheduled for 21st of September and is going to be dedicated to translation in the domain of business.

It was a day that inspired a positive change like the marvellous Shard and affirmed the quest for perfection in a similar way to how the City of London  symbolizes success.

Equipped with the armour of dexterous knowledge and fine qualifications, following step by step the guidance and professional development so generously offered by CIOL in general and the Translation Division in particular — I believe the sky is our limit in terms of achieving the heights of expertise and mastery in translation.

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