Saturday, 18 January 2020, City of London: on my way to CIOL BPG networking lunch at The White Haus. Mesmerised by the “concrete jungle”of the City on the way to the venue.

18 January 2020, Saturday, lunchtime, and I am dashing off to another CPD event organised by the Chartered Institute of Linguists — this time our meeting is a courtesy of CIOL Business, Professions and Government Division of the Institute — and titled as “The Versatility of Language Practitioners: a networking lunch with BPG”. The venue is The White Haus located in the heart of the City of London.

As ever, I am full of hopes and aspirations. The diversity of language applications is an area of my keen interest and constant fascination. Besides, the event gives another splendid opportunity to exchange words with my colleagues.

As usual with CIOL, my expectations are high. Events like this are invaluable as they keep me on my toes for any forthcoming changes in the industry.

The speakers shared with the audience their amazing career paths — the result of multilingual proficiency. Their journeys vividly demonstrate that the possibilities for those with linguistic skills are many: from multilingual research to a diplomatic career. Their stories could inspire a creative approach to the application of language skills amongst the young generation of linguists. This definitely is an invitation to take a broader view on their qualifications.

The event was particularly topical, as interest in language-learning in the UK is currently in decline.

Languages represent a versatile and and transferable asset to many industries and many professions! Just think outside of the box! Languages make us powerful and irreplaceable in many contexts.

Judith RIDGWAY, the Char of BPG Division, is delivering a speech to the attentive audience. Judith was one of the speakers and shared with us her exciting journey through langues in various contexts of practical application.

The benefit of the event is of importance not only to the generation of younger linguists, but to any other language professionals that value a fresh outlook on their skills and expertise.

Having worked in translation for many years  I have become “married” to the written word and have got accustomed to seeing the world through the prism of the textual representation of languages. This is a side effect of professional experience and specialisation. Thus, translation has become my “raison d’être”, my way of being, my perspective on life. I automatically look for linguistic equivalence in every word or phrase I see written, I automatically convert into written word and then into my target languages everything I hear and I automatically align everything I write to the prospective readership.

The event helped me to step out of my shoes, reminding me that the value of proficiency in five languages (including my native Russian) to my existing and prospective clients and to the society in general is not limited to translation services.

Creating bridges between languages and cultures means a lot more than translating source texts. Like many other multilingual professionals, I can provide a wide range of services, including, for example, multilingual research into specific aspects of culture, society, marketing and legislation or a consultation based on up-to-date knowledge of the target country.

The sky is the limit for those who are privileged to be fluent in two or more languages! Taking a wider view on these skills offers countless opportunities in the modern and competitive world!

CAT tools may be able to provide a baseline two-dimensional service for those with low expectations. However, they will never substitute a multilingual expert with profound understanding of several languages, cultures and societies!

We are of value!

Have a great week, my dear colleagues, and many happy returning clients!

My thanks go to CIOL in general and BPG in particular for organising another amazing event!

Best wishes,

Liudmila Tomanek @Russian Translation World Ltd

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