Completed on 31 March 2020, while abiding by the new measures introduced by the UK Government: stay at home, protect the NHS, save lives.

Following the Address to the Nation delivered by the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson on the 23rd of March, the country has joined the majority of the world in a bid to minimise the spread of coronavirus. Such terms as lockdown, isolation, social distancing and emergency powers have become part of everyday rhetoric in the news, on forums and have shifted into our mentality. People are dying and at times one feels particularly helpless in the face of this invisible enemy.

Staying at home and following the rules as set out by the authorities does not seem to be enough if one is really keen to actively help the situation. The benefit of the lack of action as a way of acting can be hard to comprehend — in the same way as the visibility of the danger imposed by the disease we are all trying to overcome.

Freelance translators are “self-isolating” by the sheer nature of their work. However, we always feel part of a community and even if only by working with source texts, we are always at the forefront of everything that is unrolling in the world around us.

Such times are hard as there seems to be no end to the lockdown and no end to this virus — with the number of cases escalating on a daily basis around the world.

For me, online learning has become a way of surviving through this period of pain and uncertainty. Our knowledge is our invaluable asset that can help society as much during the pandemic as further on, when the crisis is over.

It is our professional duty to stay up-to-date with the most recent linguistic developments but also to expand our professional knowledge and expertise for the future.

Patents are a huge field that relies heavily on quality translation. I am immensely grateful to the European Patent Office for providing learning opportunities for those who are striving for continuous professional development. Today I completed one of their online courses. I hope to do more in the forthcoming weeks and beyond.

So, let’s stay at home, protect the NHS, save lives and build knowledge for the future of our communities and the whole world.

Wishing everyone health and prosperity,

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