Saturday with CIOL: AGM and Lecture “Making Literary Translation Viable”

Another fabulous event organised by @CIOLTranslating with AGM followed by a lecture “Making Literary Translation Viable” by @MartaDriuzosz.

Highlights for me were: the Treasurer’s report by @Karine Chevalier-Watts – beautifully presented insights into the financial dimension of CIOL. As someone who spent years working in finances and had to listen to so many of those – I would say that this was certainly the most interesting, exquisite and eloquent way of describing figures. Thank you @Karine! Thoroughly enjoyable!

Lecture by wonderful Polish literary translator @MartaDriuzosz focused on the practical aspects of literary translation and evoked many thoughts. I could not help but notice with sadness — it seems that no matter how sublime an area of translation is – money is the one factor that unites faithful servants of all walks of linguistics “from patents to poetry”.

I have a dream that one day translators will not have to think of economics but will be able to focus on the heavenly art to deliver sublime quality to their appreciative customers.

Speaking seriously, it is so rare that one talk could give so much to the audience in such a short space of time as Marta did. Not a word was wasted and I think for some aspiring literary translators it could potentially be a ground-breaker.

I certainly have learnt a lot!

Very special words of appreciation to @CIOL for organising this event – another indispensable opportunity to learn, socialise and have a great time in a professional environment!

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